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Sunday, September 2, 2007

bitDefender 10 Uninstall Problem

I have installed bitDefender 10 trial version. I found that it consume lot memory from my machine and not able to scan Virus ''. I have decided to uninstall it. Unfortunately, the process stop have way and display a blue screen. I restart the machine.

I go to Control Panal -> 'Add/Remove Program' and try to uninstall again but bitDefender 10 disappear from 'Add/Remove Program'. I thought it has been remove from my machine but i was wrong. Each time i restart or shut down my machine, above blues screen will be shown. What i try to do is install this trial version again and uninstall it. Sorry to tell, it won't work. Waste my time on doing that.

What can we do to solve it.
Go to and download the uninstaller. Click on it to uninstaller it.

Trust me, it will take very long time for the uninstallation and after the process, it will leave your machine a mess.
  1. My wireless not working
  2. Ms Visual not working
  3. Ms SQL Server Express edition not working
I need to repair both Ms Visual and Ms SQL Server Express and also need to reset the TCP/IP setting for my wireless connection.

My advice is becareful when try to install bitDefender 10 Trial version.

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