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Tuesday, April 22, 2008

The worst wireless modem router that have ever used

Trust me, don't go to get Aztech modem. You will regrets if you have one.

Aztech DSL600EW ADSL2/2+ Ready Wireless LAN 802.11g is the worst modem that i ever had. The wireless line simply disconnected and need to restart the router, the ADSL frequently disconnected with the service provider, the stupid un-userfriendly interface (even a simple port forwarding takes me hour to configure and yet cannot be done). I bet you will definately throw it out from your house or office.

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Anonymous said...

I have the same modem+wireless router, LAN part is working fine for years, but I started to use its wireless networking yesterday, it's totally no use. It was supplied by my ISP, no choice. Now I buy a wireless router and use the 600EW ADSL and LAN part only, to connect to internet with Linksys WRT310N wireless router. You are right, the 600EW modem + wireless router is rubbish!