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Sunday, September 14, 2008

osticket - admin login error "Authentication Required"

i have tried to setup osticket few times and i'm very sure that my admin username and password is correct but i still got error message "Authentication Required"

After browse and google around, i found one solution to enable me to login but i'm not sure what is the effact for this change.

go to scp/, and find the line below

//1) is the user Logged in for real && is staff.
if(!is_object($thisuser) !$thisuser->getId() !$thisuser->isValid()){

comment out !$thisuser->isValid() and now become

if(!is_object($thisuser) !$thisuser->getId() /* !$thisuser->isValid()*/){

go to try again. it's working. Perhap, someone can tell me what is the issue and i'm not php expert. Not working on 15 Sep 2008

Update: 15 Sep 2008
No Luck. It only work for one day. Not sure what happen and now not working. I'll keep updating this post until get some solution or work around. I have to un comment previous changes.

line 41 in scp\login.php, comment out @header("Location: $dest"); and try again.
// @header("Location: $dest");
it's work for me, at least for now.

Update: 21 Sep 2008
It's working fine since changes on 15 Sep 2008. SOLVED!


Gordon said...

I was having problems installing OsTicket on a Linux server, decided to try a Windows server.

I began to have the authentication problem you mention and your solution worked perfectly, Thank you.

Kevin said...

Thank you this worked like a bomb for me on a windows server...thanx Google and you ;)

Phil said...

Te second solution worked for me too. Would love to know why...

rotich said...

Better solution.

session_write_close(); //Close the session.
session_regenerate_id(); //Regenerating SID
@header("Location: $dest");
require('index.php'); //Just incase.


osTicket Developer.

In blues said...

Thanks rotich. will test on it again when have time.

Johnson said...


In my case, session.save_path is commented in php.ini.

So when I uncomment that row in php.ini. It works well.

May this help for anyone

Asterix said...

In my case, I tried all the above with no success. Finally I worked out the issue.
It seems the software deos not accept a login if the username is made of only numbers (example 405550)
So I had to change the login to alphanumeric and then it worked

In case you find it useful