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Sunday, September 7, 2008

Streamyx with D-Link 2640T Wireless ADSL Router

Just test on streamyx connection with D-Link 2640T Wireless ADSL Router.

For streamyx setting:
  1. Open your internet browser and go to, default user name/password: admin/admin
  2. Click on wizard to run the setting. Click next to begin.
  3. 1st setting will be "Choose Time Zone", select the one relavent to your time zone. For me, i select [(GMT+08:00) Hong Kong,Perth,Singapore,Taipei] since there is no Kuala Lumpur. Click on Next.
  4. 2nd setting will be "Select Internet Connection Type (WAN)". For streamyx i select PPPoE/PPPoA and click next.
  5. 3rd setting is "Set PPPoE / PPPoA". For steamyx user, keyin your user name and password.
    User Name: xxx@streamyx
    Password: xxxxxxxx
    VPI: 0 ---- 8 wont work for me, the status is waiting for response if i choose VPI: 8
    VCI: 35
    Connection Type: PPPOE LLC
  6. 4th setting is "Set Wireless LAN Connection". This is up to user to set on it. Read the menu correctly.
  7. Save and restart your router. The status should be "connected" if you check the status tab.

Happy surfing!


Anonymous said...

hi,.. i have bin using the DSL-2640T for about 2 months now. and i decided to port forward it.. and i have no idea to "save and reboot" the router. any idea?? please mail to

In blues said...

Hi, i think you do not need to "save and reboot". Click on apply will do. Check this out on how to set a port forwarding for bitcomet

In blues said...

Update: Check on to find out where to save and reboot.