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Sunday, March 1, 2009

JFolder::folder: Path is not a folder - AllVideos Reloaded in Joomla

In my local development machine, facing error after install AllVideos Reloaded in Joomla! 1.5.9

JFolder::folder: Path is not a folder
JFolder::files: Path is not a folder
JFolder::files: Path is not a folder

suspect is folder missing when AllVideos check on the playlist. The problem solve when i add a new folder manually to the folder videos to the playlist pointed folder. 

In my case, C:\xampp\htdocs\Joomla\images\stories\videos 

Hope this help you.

ps: it actually stated very clear that we need to create folder audio and videos in images/stories folder after the installation of AllVideos. It just that i didnt noticed. 


LeeRoy said...

I found your note beacause i'm seaching to solve a problem close to yours.

When I'm on the creating section (or category) page, I have this message:
JFolder::files: Path is not a folder

The strange thing is that I can create a section (or a category).
How could I know what is my missing folder?

I have already found some forums with the same problem, but never with the solution.

Thank you very much if you could help me.

Devinition said...

Check if the folder 'images/stories' exists, otherwise create it.

Anonymous said...

ok, this post helped me solve my problem. I had created the directory "video" and "audio". The code specifically requires the directory to be "videos". Noticing the "s" on the end solved my problem.

safetyshoes said...

You man should specify clearly that the 'videos' directory must create under 'stories' directory

Example, joomla/images/stories/videos and chmod 777

Soda_o_rat said...

thanks for that post, it helped me!

Anonymous said...

Thank you for give a solution, but it didn´t work for me. I solved the problem changing the folders in the PLUGIN parameters: I wrote /images/stories/videos instead of videos an /images/stories/audio instead of audio.