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Thursday, December 6, 2012

Paper jam in HP LaserJet 3050 series (3052)

This is difficult. Normally when a paper stuck / jam in LaserJet 3050 series (my case is 3052), we can open the printer lid, take out the toner cartridge and pull the paper out. Close the lid and can print again. 


In case, i cannot see any paper jam/stuck after take out the toner cartridge but i know it's jam inside there. I've tried to turn off the printer for one minute and turn on again. I can hear the warming up sound is different from usual but when i try to check to see any paper stuck inside there, i can't find any. The paper is hidden inside some where. BIG ISSUE.

Finally, i found something. I followed the instruction below and try to clean the paper path.

It's work. The paper successfully pull out by the printer.

For those who not understand what is all-in-one control panel, please refer to photo below

This save my time and money with no need to send to repair.

This is the paper that cause me a lots of trouble.