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Sunday, June 23, 2013

How to know IBM X3650 M4 IMM IP Address?

Most of the article stated that IMM default IP is but it's not in my case. I try to figure out the IP because i want to access to IMM2 web interface to install key for Features On Demand (fod). In order to get the IP, i have downloded IBM Advanced Settings Utility (ASU) and unzip it into my C drive. Use command prompt to local ASU.exe or ASU64.exe.

type command asu64 show

It will shows many information but the first information will be displayed in the IP Address. You can to check on it quickly before it jump to the end. By the way, my IMM IP is


jarrodhook said...

How funny, my IP is the exact same....

This occurred once I tried to set a IP Address to something static.

From there, I could not ping this IP, even if it was plugged into the network. Go figure.

Lucky, this 'autoconfig' IP worked! Go figure!!

Thanks for the advice!


Rui Gouveia said...
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Rui Gouveia said...


I also got mine set to

but I cannot access it nor ping it!

How can I access the IMM now?

yogesh virkar said...

BY default IMM ip is If you have changed it & you want to identify, you can go to uEFI Bios, go to advanced option, IMM COnfiguration & check/change the IP Address

Fernando R. said...

I think that the is the ip of the LAN over USB connection for the IMM.
If your "IBM USB Remote NDIS device" network adapter is configured with an IP on the same range, you can ping the IMM IP. I know this connection is needed for firmware updates with UpdateXpress.
I think that the IP is used to access the IMM web page, an IBM technician used that to access.

Safeer said...

My IBM was also not configured.. was able to figure out and configure with the same commands.

the ASU version was a bit different, though, was x86 version so I just had to type asu.exe show