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Sunday, April 12, 2009

Never try

I'm customer for SKSA Technology - . Trust me, don't ever try your luck.

We first subscribe to the windows hosting in May 2007, at first we feel that this hosting company is ok and professional because they really give a impressive respond time in handling ticket. So, we put in another 2 domain with asp application & sql express in it. Since then, we can see the problem come.
1. The readable and writable folder become read only and hit us error.
2. The database always cannot be used.
3. Harddisk crash
4. Domain server not found

They are not sincere in telling the truth. They take out all the notice and promises. Example case:

In 24 Nov 2008, No response for ticket and email. Nothing has been done. Can you image? We have made the decision to migrate the application to another hosting company with another domain. We use the previous backup application and database.

25 Nov 2008, No response for phone call and a statement come out in which has been bring down from the web a few days after that.

26 Nov 2008, they come out a statement saying that all the web is up but 2 of my application/domain still down.

27 Nov 2008, the new domain from another hosting company up and running but the We give up on chasing the old domain and we focus on the new domain.

28 Nov 2008, finally we can backup the old DB and send to the new hosting to setup for the latest DB. Can you image that it takes us 5 days to settle everything. Moving out from is the best choice. 

After that case, there is a post in their website and saying will pay for the lost like free hosting for 3 months and etc but has been taken out after few days. Is this how they work? Where is the sincerity? 
This is the link

UPDATES : 26th November 2006 (10.50am)

We would like to inform you that we have recovered all the shared hosting server except for the following server :

1. Windows Server ( = DNS Isssue
- Expected Resolution Time 6 hours.

2. Linux Server ( = Disk Corrupted Issue.
- Expected Resolution 10 Hours.
- We are restoring all the site using the latest backup copy available.

Due to this unfortunate Event, our management have decided to give the following options to the affected client :

1. We will give 3 month time extention of the affected hosting account.


2. Will will give RM10 credit and add it as a Live Credits in the client account with us . This credit can be used to purchase our services and cannot be withdraw.

Kindly sent email to to choose one of the above options for redemption.

Thank you.


Above has been taken out after the downtime. Dont try to do this to your customer. 


On and off, there are cases which is very annoying. Yesterday night 13 April 2009, their harddisk crash again! We only left one domain and application but we will migrate it to new hosting company once we get the backup some times end of this week?

They never listen to customer's complaint. Ironicly, they are top 5 in malaysia Is Malaysian really can stand for their services?

Our requirement is simple, 
1. Not email interruption problem
2. Application running without any problem after all the setting
3. No database problem

I believe this is what a basic requirement and should be provided by a hosting company and this is very important to us.

Trust me, never try your luck in
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