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Saturday, May 19, 2012

"Licensing for this product has stopped working" when launch Adobe CS 4 Dreamviewer

Facing error message below when try to launch Adobe CS4 product, in my case, i try to open Dreamweaver.

This product has has encountered a problem which requires that you restart your computer before it can be launched.
If you continue to see this message after restarting your computer, please contact either your IT adminstrator or Adobe technical support for helps, and mention the error code shown at the bottom of this screen.
Error: 148.3

How I Fix it in my XP Pro

  1. Click on Start 
  2. Click on Run 
  3. Enter: Services.msc 
  4. Click on OK button
  5. A Services windows will be displayed
  6. Go to find  FLEXnet Licensing Services
  7. Double-click on FLEXnet Licensing Services 
  8. Change the Startup type: Automatic 
  9. In Service Status, click on Start button to start the service
  10. Click on Apply button
  11. Click on OK button to close the Services window
  12. Done

Thursday, May 17, 2012

facebook - Invalid URL The requested URL "/", is invalid. Reference #

I can access to facebook using samsung galaxy SII without problem but when try to access to facebook this morning using my laptop, i hit error

Invalid URL

The requested URL "/", is invalid.Reference #9.3e556acb.1337250952.21c9cc69

some suggest that delete browser cache will helps but i hit the above error in google chrome, mozilla firefox and IE8.

You can try 2 ways.

  1. Try to flushdns in your computer first.
  2. Click on Start
  3. Click on Run
  4. Type cmd and click on OK button
  5. In the command prompt windows, type ipconfig /flushdns and hit enter button.
  6. Try to browse the website again.

Not problem not solved, try This

  1. Go to folder "C:\Windows\System32\drivers\etc"
  2. Open hosts file with notepad .
  3. Copy below and paste in hosts file
  4. Click on save to save the hosts file
  5. Close the browser 
  6. Open and access to facebook again.
  7. Problem solved.

Friday, May 11, 2012

An error occurred with the POP3 mail server. Mail server responded - Thunderbird 10

My email client Thunderbird 10 working 100% good before today but this morning when i try to retrieve emal from my mail server, i receive error message
"An error occurred with the POP3 mail server. Mail server responded"

I'm very sure that my mail server working fine because i can download my email using my Sumsung Galaxy SII. There must be something wrong with my laptop.

Finally, i found out that the root cause come from the antivirus that i'm using. I'm using avast! antivirus free edition. There is a feature call Mail Shield which will scan inbound and outbound email. Once i disable this feature, it's working back to normal.

Hope this sharing helps.

Wednesday, May 2, 2012

How to view Mysql Stored Procedure in PhpMyAdmin

How to view Mysql Stored Procedure in PhpMyAdmin?

  1. In PhpMyAdmin, select the correct Database on the left hand panel
  2. You can see all the database tables in the right hand panel
  3. Scroll down the right hand panel until the end, you will see Routines
  4. Click on Routines

  5. Once click on Routines, all the Stored Procedure will be displayed on screen