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Thursday, February 23, 2012

Mysql very slow for certain schema

I have a database/schema name inventorysoftware and have a .net windows application running on this schema. The issue is, the application run very slow on this schema (like each click need to wait about 30 seconds). I have about 40 others schema running in my development machine with windows XP Pro.

I have tried to google around the issue but can't find any similar problem. One thing i need to mention here is i have about 15 schema with name inventorysoftware_ddmmyy where dd=day, mm=month, yy= year. You know, developer like to keep the backup schema for testing. After the application deployed to customer, i decided to clean my 15 schema with name inventorysoftware_ddmmyy .

After i have deleted the schema, my application move very fast. I found the root cause for the slowness. Lesson learn, don't use the schema starting with the same name. It will kill you.